Diabetes: Is Okra Good For Diabetes?

Is Okra Good For Diabetes?

No matter the perspective from which you Look at it, the question “is Okra Good For Diabetes” remains a valid one even though it is not as popular as bitter leaf when it comes to diabetes.

Okra , also known as “lady’s fingers” and “gumbo,” is a green flowering plant. Okra belongs to the same plant family as hibiscus and cotton. The term “okra” most commonly refers to the edible seedpods of the plant.

Just like bitter leaf, okra can help people with the disease, not as a cure but as a management tool.

Not everyone is aware of its usefulness. And not everyone can stand the slimy fluid that carries the benefits.

Evidence of okra having anti-diabetic properties has increased in recent years, with multiple Vitro (laboratory) and Vivo (animal) studies confirming okra as a potent blood glucose-lowering (or anti-diabetic) food.

Anwering the question “is Okra Good For Diabetes” this is what healthline had to say:

Medical research on okra for diabetes management is still in early stages. We do know that according to one study, okra water improved the blood sugar levels of pregnant rats that had gestational diabetes. Roasted okra seeds, which have long been used in Turkey to treat diabetes, have also been studied and proven to have a positive effect on lowering blood sugar .

According to Diabetes dot co dot UK :

In one study, published 2011 in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences, researchers in India found that diabetic mice fed dried and ground okra peels and seeds just experienced a reduction in their blood glucose levels, while others showed a gradual decrease in
blood glucose following regular feeding of okra extract for about ten days.

From the above it is evident that what okra does, is help lower blood sugar levels.

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