14 Hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities (Abs)

14 Hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities (Abs)

I like the very concept of beauty and sexiness and that is why on this particular “Nigerian celebrity stories” we shall be talking about some of the hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities there is.

I must admit that this one is specifically for the ladies to lust after while it is for the male folks to look at and get inspired with what their gym image should look like.

But there is also a third category to this matter. That is, those males out there who have sexual appetite for the nakedness of fellow men.

Whether we like it or not we have homosexuals in Nigeria and so, you can go admire these handsome Bald Nigerian Celebrities or if you like beards then feel free to go overfeed on the fine faces of those Nigerian celebrities with beards. At the end of the day your sexual preference is yours and not mine.

Now back to the matter at hand. That is the hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities we shall be writing about.

We shall try our best to list those that are very up there on the sexiness ladder, we shall research into famous Nigerian Male singers, models and any other qualified fields.

So what does it mean to be sexy or rather HOT?

Personally, to be sexy is to be confident! Sexiness is the bold expression of beauty. Sexiness is self love, it is the complete acceptance of what we are and look like at each measured moment.

Sexiness is how we look, with or without our clothes on but on this post the criteria is heavily on Abs and body beauty.

Yes that is the criteria and below are the hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities we could list base on their body look.


1. Bolanle Ninalowo

This dude right here is at the moment one of the hottest male actor in the Nigerian movie industry.

When preparing for this post I had him and Kenneth Okolie as a must, but sadly Kenneth has no abs or body exposure pics I could lay my hands on, thus his absence on the list.

2. Eddie Watson

Second on our list is another Nigerian Actor by the name Eddie Watson, he is popular as he is fine and I believe any reasonable out there must definitely be feeling him right now.

3. D Prince

I think abs is a must when seeking muscular beauty as a man. There is this beauty to it that is just unexplainable.

I would recommend that you do more PLANKS and cut back on more calories that is possible and in no time, you shall become a member of these beautiful few.

4. Uti

This image of Uti was deliberately selected, it’s purpose is to send the message out, that all the hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities On this lists started from a place of fat but persistence in the gym saw them through.

5. Alex Ekubo

I sometimes put effort into how i look but gosh! Eating late and too much Eba just won’t allow me.

But even at that I still have a picture in my head on what I must look like and you see that petite muscular structure that is Alex Ekubo?

Yea! That is the structure in my head.

6. Ik Ogbonna

Hottest Nigerian male celebrities

7. Ikechukwu

Hottest Nigerian male celebrities

8. Iyanya

Hottest Nigerian male celebrities

When looked at from the perspective of health and aesthetics, a man that is covered with too much adipose tissue is committing self hate.

Aesthetically it is not beautiful to look at and for the ladies, it is a big turn off.

As per your health too much fat can lead to many chronic issues like Diabetes.

Go get some muscles people!

9. Gbenro Ajibade

Hottest Nigerian male celebrities

I must confess Gbenro Ajibade is moving around with a sexy confidence that even I, can’t exhibit.

Is that a nipple ring?

Of all of them on this list of hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities, Gbenro is the man with the least shame.

10. Bryan Okwara

Hottest Nigerian male celebrities

Sexiness is the business Bryan Okwara is primarily into. He gives out an ample amount of it without even intending to.

11. Dbanj

Hottest Nigerian male celebrities

Like I said before, the criteria is body beauty and abs. Requirements Dbanj is abundantly endowned with.

He was among the first that came to mind. With that body of his, little wonder why he is called the Koko Master.

12. Mr.P

13. Flavour

Hottest Nigerian male celebrities

14. Rude Boy

You see that image of Flavour abi? That one is screaming “let’s go F***”.

He is that Nigerian celebrity singer bold enough to let the world into how he is addicted to fine ladies.

Just like 2face Idibia.

He loves women and there is no way he is lying about it.

Many people would easily claim that he is the hottest on our list of the hottest Nigerian Male Celebrities.

But which is your favourite?