27 Nigerian Celebrities Before And After Pictures

27 Nigerian Celebrities before and after Pictures

On this post we shall be talking a bit about some Nigerian Celebrities before and after Pictures , their past conditions versus their present status.

Their grass and grace story only as told by their before and after Pictures.

The truth is sometimes these Nigerian celebrity stories are best narrated through images and this post is one of such moments

A lot of Nigerian celebrities started out poor. Only few like Davido and Dj Cuppy came on the Nigerian Entertainment cruise ship with their pockets already buoyant.

The Nigerian celebrities before and after pictures we shall be displaying on this post is intended to prove that fact.

The rise to stardom for a lot of them was a long journey that was aided with pure determination and belief.

The belief in God and self. The belief that tomorrow can be better than today. The belief that even though a person was born poor, wealth and fame can still be theirs if they work towards achieving rather than complaining.

Unlike other Nigerian Celebrity News blog I am not merely going to put up images here and live it at that.

I will put up texts as well, to either inspire you, get you to start thinking about your life or just talking but one thing for sure, I will try to make this post Interesting.

These Nigerian celebrities before and after Pictures will be serving a more deeper purpose than my other posts on Nigerian celebrities without makeup.

This post is about taking you back to that time when they were all just average Nigerians.

And then beside their old photos are their new images as Celebrities.

Now let the journey begin.

Nigeria Celebrities Photos, ice prince,

He was made popular by Chocolate City. There was a period when M.I made sure Nigerians were served good rap music and Ice Prince was one of the sweet meals that got served.

Ever since then he has evolved.

Look at his picture from his past. Yes! He was handsome but his present look cannot be compared to his past.

And that’s no joke.

The benefits of being a celebrity is that you get to change on multiple levels.

Nigerian celebrities photos, 2face Idibia, Gossip Chef,

Now let’s take a look at our Favourite Nigerian Celebrity 2face Idibia.

The picture from his past shows a 2baba that still had his hairs on his head intact.

But that was a period of dreaming of what he has now become.

A legend!

The story is simple. The journey to success is a long one and with it, will come great changes and even that is a blessing.

Nigerian celebrities photos, Orezi, Gossip Chef,

From here onwards I intend to just write my observations or opinion without any particular celeb as a focus but rather all of them as a reference point.

With that said, I might not mention their names. But then you should know them all by now.

Like Psquare once said nobody ugly o. Poverty can make you the worse version of yourself.

But with a little sprinkle of wealth, there comes the appealing change.

Nigerian celebrities photos, Annie Idibia, Gossip Chef,

No matter how beautiful you were while broke or average, a little more wealth and status will surely uplift you in every area.

From your looks to the way you think and the circle you belong to.

In fact becoming a celebrity changes you in a very obvious way.

Nigerian celebrities photos, Gossip Chef, Korede Bello,

One obvious fact from all the Nigerian celebrities photos to be displayed on this post is that “life is a continuous journey that will either change us for good or bad but change we must”.

And becoming a celebrity can really change a hungry looking lad to a newer version that is well fed.

Nigerian celebrities photos, Chika ike, Gossip Chef,

Change can be crazy at times. People just change “too much”. That it is almost hard to accept the obvious that they are still the same persons.

But it’s all good when the newer version is more appealing.

Nigerian celebrities photos, Kcee, Gossip Chef ,

Some Nigerian celebrities change in ways that makes to wonder why.

Some of them suddenly decides to bleach their skin to a point so unhealthy that when we look at them we just can’t help it but cringe.

Now I am not saying that it is wrong to upgrade our skin tone. Not is it evil to whiten a little because truth be told, most of us are so black that it is just offensive (those of us working under the sun ).

Nigerian celebrities photos,Gossip Chef, Adekunle Gold,

Some Nigerian celebrities are actually educated.

They went to the university. Endured both bad learning conditions and lecturers.

Served their nation through the mandatory one year NYSC program and still came back and made it as a celeb.

The message to those young ones with ambitions out there is that school is essential.

It will amplify your celebrity status, should you make it.

All nigerian celebrities are dreamers. They once dreamt that a day would come when wishful thinking would become reality.

And for most that day came and came on a major scale.

Nigerian celebrities photos, Falz, Gossip Chef,

While a lot of them went into entertainment as a means of survival. Others went into the game because of passion.

For these set of celebs they already had the skill set to succeed in other lucrative arenas but instead made the choice of entertaining people for a living.

Nigerian celebrities photos, Gossip Chef,

I think at this point it is best to display the various Nigerian celebrities photos .

These Nigerian celebrities before and after pictures is a pictorial story of how determination and talent can change our life for the better. Changing our appearance, to the point where our mental estate and physical presentation are simultaneously upgraded. This particular post among the many Nigerian celebrity stories that this site shall be graced with, is a message of hope to all the dreamers out there.