17 Famous Nigerian Comedians Worth Checking Out

17 Famous Nigerian Comedians Worth Checking Out

There are many comedians putting smiles on your faces when it comes to stand-up comedy in Nigeria but seriously, there are only few famous Nigerian Comedians out there. And today we shall be creating a list post for them, among our vault of Nigerian celebrity stories.

Yes! Just few.

These names are top of the list because of their relevance to the business of laughter.

They have grown over time and are now at that level of their game where their names are recognizable without a face to it.

In fact as talents, they have all paid their dues.

And today we shall be listing those famous names, plus other minor details.

1. Ali Baba

famous Nigerian Comedians

The Nigerian Comedy is not just about laughter. It is a comical means through which serious issues affecting the country is sometimes expressed.

They target government and her shortcomings. They sometimes focus on society as a whole and through humor tell us truths that ordinarily people would rather shy away from.

For instance the present Nigeria story is one of hardship and frustration stemming from a government and policy that many Nigerians believe is running on script of cluelessness and deliberate hypocrisy.

The only group bold enough to come out to the open and speak on the matter with both anger and spite are these famous Nigerian Comedians that will be listed here.

The very first among them to boldly call the president by his name while associating the failures of the government to him was Gordon’s.

At one time while on stage, insulting president Buhari and daring him to do his worse, comedian AY had to playfully but forcefully drag him of stage.

Another comic on this list of famous Nigerian Comedians to say his mind openly on stage while also fearlessly calling out president Buhari as the fault is I Go Dye.

But in general they are all crying out and that is what is called social responsibility.

2. Okey Bakassi

famous Nigerian Comedians

3. Julius Agwu

famous Nigerian Comedians

4. Basket Mouth

famous Nigerian Comedians

5. Gordon’s

famous Nigerian Comedians

6. Bovi

7. I Go Dye

8. AY

They even take time out to talk about religion and tribalism and the many faults they come with.

From the obvious sin of religious extortion, spiritual blackmailing to false miracles.

From tribal Intolerance to that raging fire of xenophobic hate.

All of the above, these famous Nigerian Comedians present through twisted lips contorted by witty smiles and laughter.

They indeed are messengers !

9. Akpororo

famous Nigerian Comedians

10. Klint Da Drunk

famous Nigerian Comedians

11. Seyi Law

famous Nigerian Comedians

12. Elenu

13. Gandoki

famous Nigerian Comedians

Or is it the excesses of Nigerian girls whose love for money is something to be afraid of ?

There is hardly any topic too big for these famous Nigerian Comedians to dwell on and no matter the sensitive nature they still manage to send their message across with an added dose of laughter.

14. I Go Save

famous Nigerian Comedians

15. Teju Babyface

16. Tee A

17. Ushbebe

These famous Nigerian Comedians are the mouth piece of the masses. They speak for the oppressed and underprivileged of society.

They understand the importance of their celebrity influence.

They understand that speaking for the people is a worthy cause. After all it is said that “service to humanity is service to God”.

They are the most famous of the lot. So take a time to check them out.

But if you are a Nigerian, you already know them by now.

Thanks for reading and please do remember to share.