How to Get a GTB Dollar Debit Card

How to Get a GTB Dollar Card

I had to write a post on how to get a GTB Dollar Debit card, so others can boldly make the process and as well learn from my own personal experience.

I was able to finally get my GTB dollar debit card some weeks back, despite the long wait. By long wait i mean, i had to endure almost a month before getting the GTB dollar debit card. I had to go the bank to report the lateness, only for them to go through their system and discover the MasterCard Dollar card had arrive for some days already.

By the way, it was during the Easter period, so i guess the holiday affected the whole process in some ways.

So how did i apply for the card?

At first i went to the GTB bank near me, (the one in location, Port Harcourt). Waited through the queue and finally made my request. I was given two option, to collect a form right there at the bank to fill up or go home, download the GTB World App and then do it myself.

The latter made more sense and felt more comfortable and that was how i began the process myself. Which is really simple.

Before we can continue with our tutorial, you should be informed that having a domiciliary account is a necessary condition before you can apply for dollar card. Without it, there is no way you can be able to get one.

If you do not have a domiciliary account and would love to get one then you would need the following requirements.

If you are a non-account holder, you will need to open a Domiciliary Account with the following documents

  • Completed (USD) Domiciliary account form
  • 2 (Two) Referees
  • 1 (one) recent passport photograph
  • A recent Utility Bill
  • A copy of your Driver’s License or International Passport
  • An issuance fee of N1,000 (or it’s equivalent in dollars).

I went with my Nepa Bill with just my surname on it (it carried my mothers name instead). I went with just my National identification card and the N1,000 was deducted from my savings account (i was already a customer with a savings account with GTB).


Without much ado, lets begin.

How To Get A GTB Dollar Card

  • If you do not have the GT World App on you phone. Go to Google Play store and download.
  • Go through the registration process and then log in.
  • Click on cards
  • The click Dollar Card Request.

It would take you to that page above. Fill in the necessary details as shown and you are good to go.

When filling, make sure you select your savings account, because that is where the charges would be deducted from ( it doesn’t matter if you have money in your domiciliary account).

Transaction Limits

S/N Limit
ATM Withdrawal 1,000 USD (or equivalent in the local currency of transaction)*
POS / Online No limit
Annual Spend Limit No limit

*A fee of $3.50 applies for every ATM withdrawal.

Features and Benefits

  • Accessibility – 24-hour access to funds from about 2.1 million MasterCard ATMs worldwide.
  • Worldwide Acceptance – GTBank MasterCard can be used to pay for goods and services at 34 million merchant locations worldwide (hotels, supermarkets, e.t.c.) and across other channels such as the Internet.
  • Convenience – Your GTBank Dollar Debit MasterCard is an invaluable tool, especially when making your Airline and Hotel reservations.
  • Affordability – The GTBank Debit MasterCard can be issued with a minimum of N1,000.
  • Security – The card employs the use of Chip and PIN technology to guard against unauthorized transactions.
  • Cardholder’s name, number and expiry date are printed on the front of the card.
  • Validity is for 3 years.
  • The 3-digit Card Validation Value (CVV2) is printed on the reverse side of the card, beside the signature panel.

I hope that this new banking segment, serves its purpose as a source of value. And i hope it was educative on its quest to teach you guys on how to get a GTB Dollar Debit Card.

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