The Most Expensive Painting In The World 2019

Why don’t we pick a day like today and talk about the most expensive painting in the world? Since we have already written one on  the most expensive watch in the world.

The common thread running through the rich in the world is their desire for the most expensive things in the world. But there is a catch when it comes to the most expensive things in the world.

It is not surprising that this particular painting belong to one of the most renown names in this field of painted imageries.

Leonardo da Vinci !

The paining itself is called Salvator Mundi (Latin for ‘Savior of the World’).

the most expensive painting in the world

The image is a Renaissance display of Jesus in a Renaissance dress, holding a transparent, non-refracting crystal orb (know as a globus cruciger) in his left, signaling his role as Salvator Mundi. While making the sign of the cross with his right hand

Among the fewer than 20 known works of Leonardo Da Vinci, it is the only piece that is currently in a private collection. The others are in the public domain (in museums ).

It was sold on 15 November 2017 into private hands by Christie’s in New York to Prince Badr bin Abdullah, setting a new record for most expensive painting ever sold at public auction for a price of $450.3 million.

Prince Badr made the purchase on behalf of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism.


the most expensive painting in the world

It is said that it may have been painted for Louis XII of France and his consort, Anne of Brittany.

This piece which is currently the most expensive painting in the world was bought by British collector Francis Cook in 1900 for his collection at Doughty House in Richmond. And his great-grandson (Sir FRancis Ferdinand Maurice Cook, the fourth holder of Cook baronetcy) would later sell it at auction in 1958 for £45 as a work by Leonardo’s pupil Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, who the painting remained attributed to until 2011.

This very painting is considered as one of Leonardo’s most copied paintings, with about 12 known examples executed by his pupils and others.


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