5 Stinking Rich American Pastors With Private Jets

American Pastors With Private Jets

It does not matter whether or not it is American pastors with private jets or Nigerian pastors, what matters is that most of these pastors do not have any business purchasing private jets with church money when church members are still going to bed hungry.

It is now general news that pastors the world over are becoming the most expensive class of humans inhabiting this same earth where millions can’t even afford to buy a single meal without begging.

The issue of living a lavish lifestyle has become the major stain on religion no matter the divide and it is quiet worrying to say the least.

Over here in Nigeria, it is no longer news that pastors areĀ  among the most deceitful peopleĀ  running things in the country, just like their counterpart, the politicians. I am not trying to say that we don’t have honest pastors in the country but the thing is they are in the minority.

They are the ones with the big cars and houses and to crown it all, now the increasing ownership of private jets. Despite the fact that they are presiding over congregations that are made up of some of the most poverty troubled individuals in the country and possibly the world.

But today is not about Nigerian Pastors. Today our beam is focused on God’s own country, America! We are gathered here today to talk about those American pastors with private jets, who believe that it is a necessity no matter the argument of those who think otherwise.