The Most Expensive Shoe In The World (2019)

Talking about the most expensive shoe in the world is actually gossip about fashion, which is always a trendy topic no matter the clime. As a subject worthy of mention, we are not just talking about shoes but in actuality, talking about the rich and the expensive lifestyle that is their definitive characteristic.

As we already know, women are habitually money spenders and the most expensive shoe in the world is a woman’s pick. Made from real gold, and encrusted with hundreds of diamonds, The Passion Diamond Shoes is the most expensive shoe in the world at a price tag of $17,000,000.

The Passion Diamond Shoes was designed in Italy and Jewels were designed and custom made in Dubai and were displayed at the most iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

the most expensive shoe in the world

The Passion diamond Shoes that was presented at Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai was a prototype 36 size Diamond Stilettos of European Union standard, which took over a period of nine months to make in collaboration with Jada Dubai. But it will be made in a specific size provided by the customer after the sale.

According to reports, only one pair would be made.

This gold, leather, silk and  diamond shoe would set you back $17,000,000 should you desire to possess it and to make the purchase unique, it would only be made for you with no other copy allowed elsewhere with the same properties from the makers.

  • The stilettos are made from real gold and embellished with two round 15-carat D-flawless diamonds.
  • Each shoe is trimmed with 118 smaller round diamonds, with crowning jewels prong-set near the pointed toe.
  • The insoles are inscribed in gold.

The record for the world’s most expensive shoe in the world was previously held by the $15.1 million Debbie Wingham Heel created by British designer Debbie Wingham. Which was a collaboration with footwear designer Chris Campbell created for a private client, which was a gift to a family member for her 30th birthday.

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