Is It true That Sperm Clears Acne ?

In our pursuit for beauty, we often ask questions that require the most unusual answers. Answer to the question “is it true that sperm clears acne?”.

Many people are eager to know the answer to the questions like this one. And it is sufficient to say it is worth the while.

Wouldn’t it be fun to know that sex could actually serve more purpose than the primary aim of pleasure. And in this case serve as a beauty therapy as well as a health therapy?

With questions like this one, one realizes that although sperm is mainly used for procreation, its value go beyond that obvious prescription.

To answer the question IS IT TRUE THAT SPERM CLEARS ACNE, we shall be taking a paragraph or two from MedicalDaily (1)

According to Medical Daily the male sperm contains  a crystalline polyamine compound called Spermine which is also an antioxidant.

It is said to possess the ability to diminish wrinkles, smooth skin and help with taming or preventing acne. Now isn’t that the most natural cure that is easily affordable?

In fact there is a Norwegian company already making profit from this fact. They have synthesized the compounds into a facial cream, which they say is 30 times more effective  than vitamin E and can delay the aging process by 20 percent.

And it is all yours for $250.

Is it true that sperm clears acne


Is It True That Sperm Clears Acne…The Answer

The answer is yes!

Yes! Sperm can clear acne and you best believe that.

But if the above stated fact is not enough to persuade you to seek out the healthiest male erection on your list, then follow me to the next paragraph.

According to this post on Bustle she discovered the answer to the question “is it true that sperm clears acne” by applying the natural solution on her own face.

That is after a blow job session took an unexpected twist.

And by the next morning the difference was there for her own eyes to see.







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