13 of The Most Ugliest People In The World

9. Dennis Avner (died on  November 5, 2012)

the ugliest faces in the world

He is the first on our list of the most ugliest people in the world who is actually no longer in this world. He passed away on November 5 2012, alone in his garage..

He is also known as the Stalking Cat, which was also his spiritual name.

His 14 surgical procedures were all aimed at  increasing his resemblance to a tigress. The later stages of his life leading to his death was one of perpetual joblessness, to the point his very survival was dependent on  his friends Calhoun and her husband, Rick Weiss.

Who eventually had to abandon that heavy duty, publicly declaring their inability to continue fending for an adult.

He would pass away years after leaving their house for his own  at Tonopah, Nevada.

But despite his inability to get a job, his body modification managed to get him the world record for “most permanent transformations to look like an animal.”