13 of The Most Ugliest People In The World

The Most Ugliest People In The World is the theme of today’s post and i hope that it serves the intended purpose of informing and educating.

Today we share their stories not as a source for laughter but one to teach us how to live life to the fullest no matter the voices around us. A general knowledge post aimed at informing those that are unaware that there is such a list as the most ugliest people in the world.

To live our truth no matter how the world may look at us.

To understand that the concept of beauty is subjective and that we are all beautiful in our own little ways. What i am saying is that the faces you find on this post are considered ugly not by my standards.

They were already considered as the ugliest people in the world (which i believe is also a relative perspective) by other publications on the net.

All i have done with this post is present them to you for mere informational purposes rather than as a medium for passing unfair judgment.

I believe true beauty can only be measured by the goodness of our character. In other words i am not passing judgement on their facial value.

To be described as the ugliest people in the world is not a fate anyone would consciously choose, especially in a mean world like ours.

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As i compile the faces on this post, please do not assume that i would call anyone ugly for the simple pleasure of it.


This post is for informational purposes only.

The Ugliest Faces In The World

1. Donatella Versace

The Most Ugliest People In The World


This lady here is the sister of , Gianni Versace, who founded Versace and upon his death in 1997, inherited 20% of the company and became its chief executive officer.

An Italian fashion designer and businesswoman, whose quest for beauty would see her embark on the dangerous journey of plastic surgeries.

The outcome is what you are seeing above.

2. Jocelyn Wildenstein (August 5, 1940)

Like i earlier said, our list on the ugliest people in the world is arranged not according to the degree of the ugliness. They are not arranged in that order.

Jocelyn Wildenstein is an example of the damaging effect of excess financial privilege. The kind of woman to spend good money on some of the most expensive things in the world, like spending $4 million on face surgery.

She is described as a woman with “cat like appearance”. An aesthetic outcome due to the many  extensive cosmetic surgeries to her face.

Her appearance has led many media outlets to dub her  “Catwoman”, “The Lion Queen”, “Tiger Icon”, “Fierce Legend” and “The Bride of Wildenstein”.

3. Etienne Dumont

the ugliest faces in the world

Most people crave for controversy while others yearn for the bizarre and strange and that is exactly what Etienne Dumont is, A STRANGE LOOKING MAN!

It is said that his first tattoo was cast in 1974 and ever since the ink has progressively multiplied to what you now see on that image above.

This Switzerland’s most acclaimed art critic did not just altered his appearance with ink but went further on getting plexiglass plugs on his chin, nostrils, 70mm plugs in his earlobes, a titanium ring on his left hand and two horns in his head.

4. Elaine Davidson

the ugliest face in the world

As we can see, not everyone that is today considered ugly was born that way. In fact for people like Elaine Davidson and Dumont, the aim is to become one of a kind human being.

According to Guinness Book of Records she is the world “Most Pierced Woman”. Examination by officials of Guinness Book of Records in 2000 revealed that she had 192 in her face alone.

On 8 June 2011 news reports claimed her total number of piercings was 6,925. But the most amazing part to her piercing frenzy is that she has more piercings in her genitalia than in any other part of the body – 500 in all, externally and internally.

With her internal piercings estimated to be about 3 kilograms in total weight.

5. Kala kaiwi

the ugliest faces in the world

5th on our list of the most ugliest faces in the world is Kala Kaiwi. He is a body modification artist from Hawaii with the Guinness Record for the largest non-surgically made earlobe rings in the world.

The unusual fact about his stretched earlobes is that they measure a whopping 4.3 inches in diameter – so large that a human hand can easily pass right through them.

But that is not all there is to the modifications on his body. He has silicone horn implants in his forehead, stretching in his nostrils. Eyebrows that are tattooed, studs all over his face, and bolt holes on his forehead with spikes screwed in.

Now that is gangster!

According to him:

“Body modification as a whole has evolved into this whole Mecca, you know, this whole community of modified people. Before, you know, 10, 15 years ago, 20 years ago it would be considered forbidden. Now it’s on the forefront. A lot of people are starting to realize that if it’s done appropriately, it’s done in a safe, cleanly and sterile environment, it’s no different than doing breast augmentation or cheek implants.”

6.Lucky Diamond Rich  (born Gregory Paul McLaren in 1971)

the ugliest faces in the world

Lucky Diamond Rich has held the Guinness Book Record for “the world’s most tattooed person” since 2006.  And that alone qualifies him for our list of the most ugliest faces in the world as well.

Diamond Rich who is 100 percent tattooed is a New Zealand performance artist, street performer and international arts festival performer, whose act includes sword swallowing and juggling on a unicycle.

His tattoos have taken over a thousand hours to ink, and have been worked on by hundreds of tattoo artists, inking every part of his body including every crevice and intimate area.

Ranging from the insides of his eyelids to  mouth, ears and foreskin.

In addition to his tattoos, he has had his earlobes stretched and has his teeth replaced with silver veneers, as well as various piercings.

The first tattoo I ever had I was 16 – I was travelling with the circus in Australia,” he recalled.

I’d never been tattooed before and I got a small juggling club on my hip. I got it on my hip because I didn’t want my mum to see it.

Just one tattoo at a time I guess, that’s how everyone does it.

7. Erik Sprague (born June 12, 1972)

the ugliest faces in the world

Popularly known as Lizard Man, Eric Sprague enters our list of the ugliest faces in the world with a serious feel of the serpentine.

This  American freak show and sideshow performer body modifications includes his sharpened teeth, full-body tattoo of green scales, bifurcated tongue, sub-dermal implants and green-inked lips.

He is a Bachelors Degree holder in Philosophy and was a Ph. D. candidate at the University at Albany before beginning his transformation.

8. Pauly Unstoppable 

the ugliest faces in the world

Pauly the Unstoppable do not look scary to me nor does he look that ugly compared to others on the list. In fact he has a calm personality that is still very obvious despite his attempt to look too different from other humans.

This dude is considered the first person to  to get the white of his eye tattooed

9. Dennis Avner (died on  November 5, 2012)

the ugliest faces in the world

He is the first on our list of the most ugliest people in the world who is actually no longer in this world. He passed away on November 5 2012, alone in his garage..

He is also known as the Stalking Cat, which was also his spiritual name.

His 14 surgical procedures were all aimed at  increasing his resemblance to a tigress. The later stages of his life leading to his death was one of perpetual joblessness, to the point his very survival was dependent on  his friends Calhoun and her husband, Rick Weiss.

Who eventually had to abandon that heavy duty, publicly declaring their inability to continue fending for an adult.

He would pass away years after leaving their house for his own  at Tonopah, Nevada.

But despite his inability to get a job, his body modification managed to get him the world record for “most permanent transformations to look like an animal.”

10. Julia Gnuse (died on August 11, 2016.)

We have another dead individual on the list and this time around it is a woman.. Julia Gnuse is also known as the Illustrated Lady. the ugliest faces in the world

Julia Gnuse  had 95% of her body (including her face) covered in tattoos and held the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world till she died.

The need to tattoo her entire body was as a result of a disease called  porphyria, a condition in which sunlight results in blistering of the skin.

So the tattoos started multiplying as a way of covering up the scars, which were deep as third degree burns.

Unlike the majority of those on this list, her desire to use tattoo was simply a desperate attempt to cover the many scars on her skin. The very tattoos that she would make attempts to remove through laser treatments.

11. Rick Genest ( died August 1, 2018)

Even though it is an unusual list,i feel the dead should also be included.the most ugliest faces in the nworld

While they were still alive, their names had prominently featured on lists, just like this one on the most ugliest faces in the world and other such headlines. Why rest when they can still wear the crown even in death?

Zombie Boy as he is also known holds the Guinness World Record for the most tattoos of human bones (139).

The tattoos came after he was he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, one for which he underwent surgery and came out with minimal complications.

His resume was quite different from the others, he was regarded an artist, actor, fashion model, and musician. With actual effort on all those fronts.

On August 1, 2018, Zombie Boy was found dead after a fall from the balcony at his Plateau-Mont-Royal apartment, six days to his 33rd birthday.

12. Tom Leppard (12 June 2016)

the most ugliest faces in the world

And again, on our long list of the most ugliest people in the world we present to you another individual representing the cat family.

He is said to have spent £5,500 on his extensive body modifications, covering his entire skin with a leopard-like colored pattern.

He is simply an ex-soldier who once lived as an hermit for 20 years in Scotland on the Isle of Skye. Where he lived without amenities.

Travelling to the mainland once every week to get supplies and pick up his pension and groceries.

He died aged 80, on 12 June 2016 with the Guinness Book of Records title of the  “Most Tattooed Male Senior Citizen”.


13. Yagya Bahadur Katuwa

Now this is a normal ugly person. Not the kind to really scare you but the kind that might surprise you to death if you the faint at heart.the most ugliest faces in the wold

He is a school bus driver from Nepal and is desperately trying to get a hold of a Guinness Record for his ability to touch his forehead with his tongue.

It is said that he has only one tooth.

And talking of getting scared, he has been banned from showing off his skills at work as it scares the students.


And There you have it! 13 Of The Most Ugliest People In The World from the desk of Colored Writers

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