13 of The Most Ugliest People In The World

11. Rick Genest ( died August 1, 2018)

Even though it is an unusual list,i feel the dead should also be included.the most ugliest faces in the nworld

While they were still alive, their names had prominently featured on lists, just like this one on the most ugliest faces in the world and other such headlines. Why rest when they can still wear the crown even in death?

Zombie Boy as he is also known holds the Guinness World RecordĀ for the most tattoos of human bones (139).

The tattoos came after he was he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, one for which he underwent surgery and came out with minimal complications.

His resume was quite different from the others, he was regarded an artist, actor, fashion model, and musician. With actual effort on all those fronts.

On August 1, 2018, Zombie Boy was found dead after a fall from the balcony at his Plateau-Mont-Royal apartment, six days to his 33rd birthday.