13 of The Most Ugliest People In The World

6.Lucky Diamond Rich  (born Gregory Paul McLaren in 1971)

the ugliest faces in the world

Lucky Diamond Rich has held the Guinness Book Record for “the world’s most tattooed person” since 2006.  And that alone qualifies him for our list of the most ugliest faces in the world as well.

Diamond Rich who is 100 percent tattooed is a New Zealand performance artist, street performer and international arts festival performer, whose act includes sword swallowing and juggling on a unicycle.

His tattoos have taken over a thousand hours to ink, and have been worked on by hundreds of tattoo artists, inking every part of his body including every crevice and intimate area.

Ranging from the insides of his eyelids to  mouth, ears and foreskin.

In addition to his tattoos, he has had his earlobes stretched and has his teeth replaced with silver veneers, as well as various piercings.

The first tattoo I ever had I was 16 – I was travelling with the circus in Australia,” he recalled.

I’d never been tattooed before and I got a small juggling club on my hip. I got it on my hip because I didn’t want my mum to see it.

Just one tattoo at a time I guess, that’s how everyone does it.