The Most Tallest man In Nigeria

The idea of the most tallest man in Nigeria came to mind as i was busy putting together a post on the tallest building in Nigeria. It sounded interesting!

I like the unusual realities of life, the kind that fascinates instead of scaring the living daylight out of me. And this tall fella from my own country is the subject of today’s write-up. His height is what we shall be talking about on today’s Naija News

They say he is 7 ft’4 inches tall!

His name is Afeez Agoro Oladimeji (born 13 December 1975), whose sudden journey into a giant breed started at the age of nineteen when he fell ill and during the period the sickness lasted it was noticed that he was gaining height.

Over the following years he would experience this same circle of illness and growth, over and over again. The strange journey that would eventually transform him into what we are seeing today, a 7 ft plus man.

Today he is the most tallest man in Nigeria and it would seem like a problem free crown. But that is far from the truth, a fact that is almost concealed by his near celebrity status that has afforded him the chance to shake hands with very privilege persons in the country.

At one point he was given visa to the united States with no stress at all because the Consular General told him there was no way he could escape their watch because of his size.  “I was given a Visa and I spent six months in the United States and my experience there was awesome and memorable.”

There have been personal issues along the way, like his inability to find his own size of clothes, a woman that is willing to marry him (he now has  a woman in his life) and the painful experience of fitting into a commercial vehicle which has really frustrated his attempt to be more outgoing.

“I depend largely on commercial motorcycles to move around Akoka and environs because of my inability to fit into commercial buses. I take Uber most times if I have appointments outside Akoka. Anytime I board a taxi, the passenger seat in front has to be adjusted all the way to the back for me to be able to fit in,” he said.

Not to forget the bad case of rheumatism that he is afflicted with.

The tallest man in Nigeria is like the rest of us when it comes to the many unfortunate phases of life. But still is a celebrity, whose journey like the rest of humanity is to inspire us to find our own uniqueness and share it with the world.


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But obviously the blessings are more than the disadvantages.

At 7 ft’ 4 inches Afeez was born in Sabo, Yaba, Lagos on December 13, 1975.

When asked if he regrets growing this tall, Afeez replied  “No, I wouldn’t say that, because this height has become a blessing to me. I have met several people who have extended their hands of love toward me on account of my unique height.”

He continued, “In my area, people treat me like a special being; they treat me so well. In fact, I get a lot of support from people everywhere I go.”

On how his parents responded to his abnormal growth, Agoro said, “My father, when he was still alive, showed a lot of concern, especially because it got to a point when none of my clothes and shoes could size me anymore. He took me to Igbobi Hospital to ascertain whether I had one deficiency but the doctors never saw anything.”1

My father, before he died, built a house that would be convenient for me to move in and out, and that has helped me greatly as I bear the pain and challenges of rheumatism.

“When he died in 2005, my mummy was skeptical about my health condition. She took me to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital to get me tested and the report of the test was that I was over-secreting glands. I later underwent a heart surgery in the US. Heart correction is one of the surgeries that most persons with abnormal growth will have to go through.”

How Does He Cope Financially After Graduating From School?

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“I only got a two-year contract job with the Lagos State Government because it was difficult for me to get a regular job, even though I had the qualification and could excel. They turned me down because of my height. Today, I am into business, buying and selling and my customers have been very supportive. I also do modeling and I’m into entertainment,” he said.

The most tallest man in Nigeria Afeez Agoro has an Ordinary National Diploma (OND), followed by a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Town and Regional Planning from the Lagos State Polytechnic. He would later obtain a degree in Computer Science at the University of Lagos.