The Tallest Building In Africa 2019

Most of my readers already have an idea about the Tallest Building In Africa because i made mention of the building while working on a previous post about the tallest building in Nigeria.

I would be talking more about the building with this post and hopefully be able to render the article in a way that it would come out as both informational and educating.

The amazing thing about this building is that, it is not even completed or rather not opened for public use but yet has already being accorded the title.

In other words that title now associated with its name was recently conferred. A reign that started in this same year of 2019. How long the building would hold on to this title is left for time to decide.

The Tallest Building in Africa is called The Leonardo.

The building is being built at 75 Maude street, approximately 100 metres from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton, South Africa.

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Carlton Centre

Before the arrival of The Leonardo. Another building (Carlton Centre)  in South Africa was the holder of the tallest building title, one which it held from 1973 to 2019.

A 50 story skyscraper and shopping centre located in downtown Johannesburg.

At 223 metres (732 ft), it is the second tallest building in Africa after The Leonardo .

The Building was designed by the US architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

The building officially opened in 1973 at a total cost of over R88 million.

Once considered the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, its 50th floor which is the topmost floor was once known colloquially as the “Top of Africa”.

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Now let us go back to The Leonardo.

The building is estimated to have cost R3 billion.

The tallest building in Africa  is a 55 floor mixed-use property development currently under construction in Sandton. reaching  a height of 234 metres (768 ft), 11 metres (36 ft).

Little Facts About The Leonardo.

  • The construction of The Leonardo began on 17 November 2015.
  • By early September 2016, the 4 floor underground parking structure had reached ground level.
  • By mid March 2017, the core of the structure was approximately 6 floors above ground.
  • By late April 2018, the Leonardo was the tallest building in Sandton, exceeding the Sandton City Office tower which stood at 141 m.
  • By mid April 2019, the Leonardo was topped out and is now officially the tallest building in Africa.

The building would open up for business this November.

Developed by South Africa’s Legacy Group and Nedbank Group Ltd, it will house 254 flats, a three-floor penthouse and five floors of office space as well as shops, restaurants, a nursery school, gym and a herb garden.

Right there at the top 7th floors are eight ultra-luxurious penthouses, topped by the three-storey 3000 m² ‘Leonardo Suite’ which comes with 360° views and a 1100m² roof garden area. It would become Africa’s most expensive apartment and includes a 16m swimming pool.

The building’s architectural design was crafted by Co-Arc International. The design team had nine out the 11 positions occupied by women. Making the The Leonardo a woman’s design.