How To Retrieve BVN On Phone

Let’s talk about how you could easily retrieve your BVN on phone without any unnecessary difficulty attached to it. It is as simple as using a ussd code just as was seen on the post on how to retrieve national identification number.

Banking in Nigeria has become a digitalized experience and the whole country is caught up in softwares and numbers taking up space in their heads.

And one of such banking practice is the use of numbers in securing one’s account and banking history.

BVN is the acronym for Bank Verification Number and is so important these days, that there is hardly any bank procedure that does not require it.

A biometric identification system established by the Central Bank of Nigeria in alliance with Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) to reduce illegal banking transactions.

That is the center of it all.

The whole idea is to create a system that can help contain financial corruption in Nigeria.

A country where there is endemic corruption on all levels.

A BVN number is tied to all accounts of any individual in Nigeria. The common thread that runs through a person’s many accounts.

A monitoring device that can monitor financial transactions across multiple accounts.


And pin point red flags in cases of financial misappropriation. Be it in Government or among the ordinary Nigerian in the streets.

But sometimes the misplacing of this very important banking detail does happen and it is something a visit to the bank can fix.

But what if there is an easier way?

All you need is your phone and some credits, because you would be charged a fee when you follow the procedure given below.

How To Retrieve BVN On Phone

It is as simple as dialing a ussd code in the following format *565*0#

That is just it.

It doesn’t matter the bank or mobile network in Nigeria, dial that ussd code and you will get your Bank Verification number displayed in your phone screen, that is after you have been charged.

And another fact to point out is that the mobile line you dial the ussd code *565*0# on should already be registered to the account BVN you are trying to retrieve

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