18 Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini


If you like beautiful ladies then you should really appreciate this post on Nigerian female celebrities in bikini. because we all get to play perverts with the pictures of some of the hottest bikini bodies in the industry.

Posts like this one should be expected every now and then because there is no such thing as a celebrity that is separated from his or her sexuality. These two values are often summed together to form a star.

It is true that not every celebrity or popular person is physically appealing but beauty is an expected trait in show business and that is why we even bothered to write a post on the hottest Nigerian male celebrities out there.

The need to be sexy and appealing has seen many Nigerian celebrities bleach their skin. But with this post that is not our concern. Our aim is to present Nigerian female celebrities in bikini, with nice waistline, fine backside and abs to go with it.

Not every woman can wear briefs in public because not every woman is confident about their shape. So this post should serve like a page from a celebrity standpoint aimed at providing you ladies with body goals.

Just like an earlier article about Nigerian female celebrities without makeup, i am trying to create an avenue through which you can measure your body value with that of celebrities.

If you have a finer shape and bikini body than them then blossom in that knowledge but if you find yourself at the loosing end, then all you have to do is eat right and exercise smart and in no time, you shall become the BOMB as well.

And before we start with the mentions, i would like to inform you guys that this is not about who has the finest bikini body. I am just placing these images before my readership and what you do with it is entirely your business.

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

  1. Genevieve Nnaji                                   Born 3 May 1979

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini


First on our list is the beautiful Genevieve Nnaji whose body at 40 is banging hot and a display of how some persons are actually gracefully aging.

When the picture came, it did set the internet ablaze to see one of the oldest faces of Nollywood spot a physique of a girl child instead of that of a typical Nigerian woman her age.

I think one of the secrets to her boy value is her knowledge and dependence on good diet and exercise.

In her movie Lion Heart it was her usually routine to jog round town first thing in the morning before work and i am guessing it is also the norm in reality.

2. Chika Ike                                                      Born 8 November 1985

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

Beauty is a necessity that every woman must strive for. Even though it is true that a lot of ladies are born with their own share of real aesthetic value.

Unless it is maintained and constantly being upgraded a woman’s bodily beauty would surely plummet to abysmal level.

And this exactly how to describe the beautiful Chika Ike, who spends heaven and earth her body.

With the simple goal to come out the most beautiful and curviest. And men like us just love what her images be telling us.


3. Annie Idibia                                  Born 13 November 1984

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

I like it whenever i see ladies who are mothers spot incredible body shape. just like the sexy wife of 2baba.

Annie Idibia is married to one of the biggest names in entertainment history in Nigeria. A man with a very big appetite for women.

And it is only normal to be the best meal that he can ever afford, thus the body shape crafted out of dieting and exercise.

She is thick and firm in all the right places and whether you like it or not, her bikini image is one of the most engaging on this list of sexiness.

Those hips and stony abs are definitely to keep 2baba glued to his pot of gold.


4. Osas Ighodaro                              Born 26 October 1983

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

When it comes to Osas i always like to start with the fact that she won the Miss Black USA Pageant in 2010 which i believe is an impressive pointer on her celebrity resume.

The mother of one is hot and has a backside that is worth studying to say the list.

She used to be married to Gbenro Ajibade until few months ago. Despite her class and body beauty that fella still had to break his vows of for better or worse.

The point to take home is that despite our emphasis on beauty, it is not all there is to life. It is just one important part of the puzzle.

So while you are busy sculpting your body in the gym, remember to also improve other areas of you life.

5. Toke Makinwa                                              Born 3 November 1984

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

Toke Makinwa is another divorcee on our list and one of the most active on Instagram with steady flow of beautiful images to express her worth.

She is among the few Nigerian celebrities who have gone under the knife. Personally i believe it is a matter of individual choice.

I don’t see myself becoming judge over a matter such as body surgery. If the person can afford a safe procedure then good luck to them.

If you don’t have enough boobs or ass shape and you have the money to make some corrective surgeries then its all fine by me.

I think people have and are doing worse just for the complex purpose of LOOKS!

6. Tiwa Savage                                          Born 5 February 1980

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

Still talking about body surgery.

Tiwa Savage does not have a very impressive boobs profile. She does not carry the kind of cleavage that can turn a man’s head, which is also dependent on where you are seeing things from.

So what if she decides to go for a boob job?

Oh Lawd! The many hypocrite acting the role of social media bully on the Nigerian internet space would flood to her timeline and the various version of depressing insults would become the order of the day.

Again! I say it is a matter of personal choice.


7. Somkele Iyamah Idhalama

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

The Wedding Party was the movie that introduced Somkele to those of us who until that time had little knowledge of her existence.

She had this silent romantic struggle with rapper Ikechukwu in The Wedding Party that added flavor to the entire movie.

I will be adding her soon to our list of Nigerian celebrities with their wives and husbands. Because she is also married.

And ladies like her are using their sexy bodies as encouragement to house wives out there. Telling them of the need to have a body to die for.

To not become like the many ladies who got married and stopped looking their best.

8. Agbani Darego                                          Born 22 December 1982

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

Agbani Darego is in a class of her own. A model and celebrity with one of the biggest world title on her profile.

She is the first Nigerian to win The Miss World title.

She was crowned Miss World in 2001 and it has been more than a decade since that date but yet she remains bodily relevant.

The message her body is putting out is about the need to always take care of our body through diet and exercise maintenance structured on an everyday routine.

And if you can follow the same routine, then it is very possible to remain lean and healthy for decades to come.

9. Niyola

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

10. Mocheddah

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

11. Zainab Balogun

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

12. Sonia Ogbonna

Nigerian Female Celebrities In Bikini

13. Destiny Amaka

14. Anita Joseph

15.  Uche Ogbodo


16. Uriel Ngozi Oputa

This pretty face was brought to national awareness when she competed in the Big Brother Naija Show.

I think the image of her in red swimming trunk speak volumes of her sexual value which is right there at the top.

She is one of those Nigerian celebrities who were born abroad and i shall be adding her name to that list as soon as possible.

It is a fact that i just discovered and shall be using it accordingly in days to come. Maybe in the future when she becomes an international star, her name will be added to the list of American celebrities that are Nigerian.

17. Mercy Eke

She is the winner of the recently concluded Big Brother Nigeria reality TV show. Which makes her the latest millionaire in town.

Which also means she is new on the Nigerian celebrity turf but that does not mean that she is a novice when it comes to the various antics celebrities are widely known for.

She has curves and a body sexiness built on that kind of confidence, silently telling those watching “i can do bad all by myself”.

She is sexy, she is hot. And she is ready to play the celebrity game of showing off. That is why she is a favorite on this post on Nigerian female celebrities in bikini.


18.  Regina Daniels

We all know Regina Daniels. That kid Nigerian actress that grew up in front of us all. From a child to a grown lady with guts no one knew she carried inside.

The news of her marriage to the Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko came as a shock to many.

For a lot of persons it was like a local version of the beauty and the beast. She being young and beautiful while Ned is just another old billionaire rich enough to get a teenager for a wife.

Of course she is pretty and the image of her bikini carries the attributes of a young girl that is fresh and fertile.

Just what the billionaire ordered for.

This post on Nigerian female celebrities in bikini does not end here. As new images are released by these celebrities we shall make efforts to update the post with them. And we hope you really like this new addition to our naija news archives.

So remember to comeback for more and also to share among friends.

Until next time, stay BLESSED!

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