How to Whiten Skin With Milk (A Natural Method)

How to whiten skin with milk as a method would show yet again another safe and natural way through which, for aesthetic reasons anyone can lighten their skin a bit.

People every where and from every race would find this skin whitening formula a versatile one. Because it can stand in as a very solid base for other natural skin whitening agents out there like, eggs, lemon and honey.

Over here in Africa the need to lighten or rather whiten the skin is increasing on a daily basis.

A reality encouraged by movies and advertisements aimed at enthroning the idea that a lighter skin is the real definition of beauty.

From celebrities in movies to power brokers in politics, we are seeing black women bleaching their ebony skin for a skin shade that is inferior and can hardly stand the hot sun in Africa.

It is for this class of “want to be white” category of people that this post is intended for.

To show them another mild alternative that is natural and safe on the skin compared to the many harmful bleaching lotions out there.

I know there are ladies out there who want to whiten their skin beyond what can be considered normal. For this set if people, the various bleaching lotions in the market can help them with a complete change of identity which I don’t recommend.

How to whiten skin with milk is for those who want to lighten the skin without erasing their blackness in the process. Those beautiful faces made blacker than normal because of the constant attack of the sun. One can also whiten the skin safely by using carrot oil.

Using milk for the beautification of the skin is an ancient practice that even the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra was known to participate in.


It is said that Cleopatra regularly took baths in donkey milk. About 7,00 Donkeys were needed to provide enough milk for her daily bath.

But she wasn’t the only one with great beauty and class that used the milk method for skin whitening. It is also reported Napoleon’s sister, Pauline Bonaparte, used ass milk for her skin’s health care as well.

Using donkey milk as a treatment to revitalize the skin was a very well know practice in the old world. To the point that it was even talked about by the Greek author Pliny.

According to him:

“It is generally believed that ass milk effaces wrinkles in the face, renders the skin more delicate, and preserves its whiteness : and it is a well-known fact, that some women are in the habit of washing their face with it seven times daily, strictly observing that number.

Poppaea, the wife of the Emperor Nero, was the first to practice this; indeed, she had sitting-baths, prepared solely with ass milk, for which purpose whole troops of she- asses used to attend her on her journeys.”(1)

Some historians believe that Roman Empress Poppaea set this bathing fashion after Cleopatra’s death.

Queens Catherine Parr and later Elizabeth I of England used milk baths to make their skin appear more youthful and pale.

There are references of cows milk as a bath technique found in India in the 1800s in “Fifty-one years of Victorian life” by the Dowager Countess of Jersey.

How To Whiten Skin With Milk

Milk when placed consistently over the skin surface is know to be able to whiten the skin and this is due to the presence of lactic acid in milk. Lactic acid in milk will gradually reduce skin’s pigmentation, resulting in a lighter complexion.

Raw milk is rich in B-vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, calcium and other potent antioxidants that can do more magic to your appearance than just lightening your skin.

And you can go for either cow, goat or butter milk.

All you need

  • Milk
  • Washcloth or Cotton Wool
  • A bowl to mix the milk

Assuming you can get hold of raw milk. All you then have to do is soak the washcloth and apply the milk directly to your face or any other part of your body. Allow to dry and then reapply again.

Personally i like using cotton wool

And unlike most people that can afford it, raw milk is not an option where i leave. So what i do is buy powdered milk and mix it with a little water to form a thick milk lotion and with the cotton wool, apply a very thick layer of milk all over my face and neck.

The mixture is allowed to stay on my face for as long as 15 to 20 minutes. After which i simply rinse with warm water. And that is how simple is it to whiten the skin with milk.

Maximum results are achieved after three weeks of daily treatment. After which this milk beauty recipe must be topically applied at least twice per week to maintain the results.

But there is more to this method of how to whiten skin with milk. What we have describe above is a simple means to carry out the beautifying process. But if you can afford it, then a milk bath is what you should aim at.

Milk Bath

milk bath is a bath taken in milk instead of water. Milk baths use lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, to dissolve the proteins which hold together dead skin cells.

The process is as simple as filling your bath tub with enough raw cow or goat milk. The milk takes the place of water and all you have to do at this point is soak yourself in the bath tub filled with milk and allow every part of your body to be soak in it.

This method would distribute the skin whitening power of the milk all over your body without missing a spot. In other words it would generally beautify your skin.

There are other skin whitening ingredients out there and they can be mixed with milk. The combination would increase the potency of the skin whitening power and do a more thorough job.

The following can be added to milk

  • Lemon
  • Turmeric
  • Aloe Vera
  • Papaya

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