22 Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

If you had to make a list of the top sexiest Nigerian Female celebrities, are you confident that your choice would receive a resounding “YES!” from your readers.

The problem with most of the top sexiest list out there is that those lists are compiled with just Fame as the very basis for selection. Even though this is a Nigerian Celebrity News post, we are going to try our best to be objective.

That is why Fame would be the last on our list of criteria.

The word SEXIEST is direct. And in lay man terms “when a person earns the name SEXIEST then it means that person exudes sexiness”.

It means we look at the person and we get sexual desires or images.

With that in mind I intend to make a long list of the Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities with sexiness as the central theme and nothing else.

I don’t care how famous you are or if your financial status is off the roof, as long as you are not making my sexual fire burn bright when I look at you, you are definitely not going to be included on this list.

Curves and thickness can qualify you among many other things.

So let the counting begin.

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities


1. Yemi Alade

She is thick and sexy, the kind of lady whose body is a testament to the fact that the right amount of flesh and curve on a woman can actually without much work get any man sexually enslaved.

Viewing any of her music videos you would be confronted by curves and thickness that can actually move. Which means her sexiness is a flexible kind.

And no normal man with the right amount of testosterone in his veins can ignore a flexible sexiness. We are all like a woman that can actually dance.

2. Chika Ike

Chika Ike has always been sexy but recent times has seen her transform into nothing else but a sex object, a fact that is evident with the many images of her bold semi nude displays on her Instagram timeline, ranging from the usual cleavage bearing shots to the bikini images declaring her enhanced curves to the world.

These days all she does is show the world through her Instagram page that she is a woman with curves and a fair complexion to die for.

3. Moet Abebe

The image above tells you all you need to know about Moet Abebe. She is one of the most confident celebrity that we have today in the industry who naturally don’t have any issue with exposing a large amount of nudity for all to see.

We have seen her images with nipples standing out as if reacting to the Nigerian anthem. We have even seen those beautiful strong nipples with piercing cutting through them like the lust of a sex deprived man.

This lady is the real definition of bold and sexy.

And she is really thick in the right places, leaving little to the imagination as if presenting a live bait. One that any natural man would easily fall for.

To be sexy is to command sexiness. It is to be comfortable in your sexuality in a way that admits that you are definitively a sex object but with class.

In other words you present yourself not as a whore but a woman who knows of her sexual powers and is comfortable in expressing its magic.

This post is not about the kind of sexiness that a pretty face would normally command.

But it is rather about the kind that is brought forth by curves and some amount of soft flesh to enchant the eyes and consequently spark desire.

That is why this Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities list is focused not only on facial beauty but bodily aesthetics as well.

4. Anita Joseph

Just like the beautiful mother of dragons in The Game of Thrones, this lady is one of the few mothers of curves in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

I can’t really tell if those curves are real or a product of expensive surgery procedures, which is unlikely. But one thing that is certain is that those curves are one of a kind and not many can actually contest that thickness in the industry.

This Mammy is THICK!

5. Rukky Sanda

There only few in the industry that can actually compete with her when it comes to showing off body parts like no man’s business.

It is either she is showing ample amount of cleavage today or those long sexy legs tomorrow but no matter the place or time, Rukky is that Nigerian female celebrity that is ready to serve sexiness.

And that sexual fire is always displayed with equal boldness.

6. Lilian Esoro 

The ex wife of Ubi Franklin is hot! hot!! hot!!! At least that is the way she likes describing herself whenever she decides to post a new image of her sweetness on social media.

And who would blame her ?

She is hot and she is confident in that knowledge. Believe me when i tell you that there is hardly anything more sexier than a sexy lady that is confident about her beauty.

7. Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya is bold and beautiful. She carries her chest with pride because after all a woman’s beauty is incomplete without the right shape and size of those natural orbs hanging firm in front of them.

Hers is on a mission.

Looking through the list, it is quite obvious that some of the actresses did not even make our top list of Nigerian Female Actors.

And that is because popularity can not buy sexiness.

Sexiness is in fact another kind of fame and not all celebrities are entitled to it.

The fact that you are famous does not immediately translate to sexiness. But the truth is fame is another kind of sexiness.

But that is not the kind of sexiness we are concerned with on this post.

We are here to focus on curves, on exposed body parts and the images of sex that it conveys.

8. Nancy Isime

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Not every female can still look beautiful with low cut. A feat that Nancy is known for. She is an actor but when it comes to beauty and sexiness you must look at her as a model because that is how her sexiness is being portrayed.

She is blessed with both facial and bodily curves and that low cut is the crown that sets her apart as one of the most beautiful faces in Nollywood.

9. Ini Dima okojie

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

10. Yvonne Jegede

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

One theme running through these images if you are observant is the breast awareness popping through.

Look at the shape and sizes of those Nigerian celebrities boobs!

Another factor is the amount of flesh deliberately exposed.

And that is just it.

A lot of Nigerian Female celebrities are sexy but only those bold enough to display that sexiness can in fact be called one.

11 Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic is beautiful and her sexiness among many other things is derived from her refusal to grow old, just like Genevieve Nnaji that is listed below.

These Nigerian female celebrities has remained ageless for as long as i can remember. With bodily beauty that has stayed matured and ripe, refusing to get corrupted by the natural erosion of time.

They are aging gracefully and their bucket of sexiness can really filled up any ocean of lust.

12. Genevieve Nnaji

Here she is. Boss lady that is the embodiment of ageless sexiness and grace. We all like a sexy lady that has her own money and an ambition that equates her with big male brands in the industry.

Some months back she set the internet on fire when she released a bikini picture of her self on a beach. At her age her body fat level is like that of a teenage girl and we just couldn’t get enough.

She is responsible for the  2018 blockbuster Lionheart  which was acquired by Netflix on 7 September 2018, making it the first Netflix original film produced in Nigeria. It was also her directorial debut.

The movie was also submitted to the Oscars, making it the first time that Nigeria had submitted a film for the Best International Feature Film at the Oscars.

13. Stephanie Linus

She is sexy and she knows it. This lady is among the very few Nigerian female actors that got me glued to the TV screen watching Nollywood movies while growing up.

She is is tall, beautiful and talented.

This mammy gets little credit for the many aesthetics value that she represents on our screens. A woman that is black and beautiful.

14. Ini Edo

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Ini Edo has always been beautiful and her spot as one of the biggest name in the Nigerian Movie industry could easily remain unchallenged for years to come.

But being a lover for clout and admiration the Nigerian celebrity would go under the knife and the result of the body modification is the curves well represented on that image above.

Yes! She has always been beautiful but not as curvy as she now looks and as a celebrity with the right connect and money, she bought her self the kind of curves she has always wanted and we cant help but admire her new imagery.

15. Tonto Dikeh

This is another beautiful drama queen in the industry. I think she was the first to go under the knife to get a backside that most people including me believe was not properly fitted.

But still she remains sexy despite the ill fitted curves that did little for her sexy profile. She has always been beautiful with her own share of body aesthetics many men would kill for.

The surgery was just an extra that really didn’t add much.

16. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

There was a time when there existed some kind of rivalry between between Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola. Which is a normal thing because at that time and even at this very moment, these ladies are considered the biggest and most successful names in the industry.

These mothers are sexy and they know it. These mothers are talented and it was only normal that they existed some kind of competition between them.

But it is all in the past now.

17. Mercy Johnson

And it is not just about exposing of soft and tender flesh but sometimes the sexual confidence that is expressed when a thick female like Anita Joseph wears a tight fitting dress or a fully endowed mercy Johnson takes the front stage and every male in attendance begin to understand the full meaning of sexual frustration.

Mercy Johnson is another big name in the industry with big bodily asset and is never afraid to display them when possible.

She is married with kids yet exudes the sexiness and vigor of a single celebrity.

18 Kate Henshaw

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Old age is a thing of the mind as well as of the past. Take a good look at Kate Henshaw and what you see is a woman who has mastered the art of staying young and sexy by living healthy and making the gym her second abode.

She is among the few fitness conscious female celebrities in the industry today and the reward is her ever youthful look coupled with a sexiness that only few her age can match.

19. Monalisa Chinda Coker

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

20. Omoni Oboli

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

21. Chioma Akpotha

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

22. Dakore Egbuson-Akande

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Not every Nigerian female celebrity can wear Rasta locks and be beautiful. Not every one of them can stay trim and fit for the longest time. But Dakore has shown us that a woman can be all of these things and yet be calm about it.

She is a respectably married woman with no unnecessary rumors to her name but yet is relevant because of her style and presence that can only be defined as calm, confident and sexy.

Conclusively, I hope this list of  Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities was exciting both to your eyes and lust centers. If you really like getting entertained with such posts, then always check our Naija News segment.

Until next time, please comment and share!

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