Burna Boy Girlfriend, The Full Facts

By now we all know Burna Boy Girlfriend or at least we think we do. But don’t you worry about not knowing because i shall be updating your mental library with some serious facts.

Burna Boy who is currently the biggest celebrity on the internet, leaving the many who would gladly have played the role of his woman, traveled all the way to London and got himself a star in the person of Stefflon Don.

Now the question is “who is Stefflon Don?”. We have decided to answer that question by writing about it in our Naija News vault for our readers.

Simply put, Stefflon Don is Burna Boy Girlfriend.

As a British rapper, singer, and songwriter, Stefflon Don was brought to public notice when her song “Hurtin’ Me” which also featured French Montana rocked the UK and eventually peaked at the number 7 on the UK Singles Chart.

Before her career kick off as a musician, She worked as a Cake decorator and Hairdresser . Her entry into the American music space was made possible when she appeared on Jeremih song titled “London”.

Her very first EP would aid her winning the award for Best Female at the 2017 MOBO Awards and In March 2018, Don appeared on the front cover of the final print edition in the 66-year run of NME.

One fact we don’t normally read online is that she is a single mother. Stefflon Don had her son at the age of 17 and was still able to chase her dream with the consequent result of becoming a recognizable name in the music world.

It seems her son is so proud of her that he wants her to become his trophy among his friends at school. A fact that Stefflon Don expressed during an interview.

“He wants me to drop him at school so he can show me off. I’m like: ‘I’m not doing that.’ So usually I go with my PA and let her walk him in,” she explains.


But who can blame the kid when obviously his mother is a star and is worth showing off.

Stefflon Don is a 90s child. Meaning she was born 4th December 1991 with the name Stephanie Victoria Allen into a family with Jamaican origins.

She was born in Birmingham, at age 4 relocated to Rotterdam in Holland where she stayed till the age of 14 when she returned back to London. By which time she had become fluent in Dutch.

Burna Boy Girlfriend

Unlike many celebrity couples whose relationship status is first a product of assumption, Stefflon Don made sure it was officially a known fact when In February 2019, she confirmed that herself and Burna Boy was already a couple.

Recently various Nigerian celebrities news blog all had their headlines pointed to the half baked rumor that Burna Boy had quitted the relationship and had returned to his former girl friend.

Not only did Stefflon Don debunk the claim but recently Burna Boy showed his commandment when he unfollow everyone on Instagram apart from his London chick.

But when you look at the full picture, you would realize that Burna Boy Girlfriend is one of various factors that has transitioned him into an international artist.

Just the many American celebrities that are Nigerian whose mixed parentage and other factors such as growing up abroad gave them the chance to play in the international market.

The pair met in Ghana. According to reports, Stefflon Don had missed her flight and so decided to attend a show Burna Boy was headlining in Ghana.

As a musician her music is permeated by the cultural influences in her life. No wonder she easily alternates between grime and UK rap as easy as she does from a London accent to patois.

When it comes to music this is what she has to say.

“I don’t have a sense of division in my music. I’m always open to try new stuff and different styles. Growing up in two different places opens your mind to two different cultures and two different ways of living. It helps make my music more broad rather than being just one sound.”

I believe she is the kind of woman that Burna boy deserves for a companion at this level of his career. A level where he is considered African Giant. A level where he is more than an international act than any other celebrity in the country.

She is black and comes from a complex cultural background and the Jamaican in her makes it all the more interesting. Because it is now a thing for Africans on the continent to go out there and settle with their black brothers and sisters that were shipped off by slavery and established on different countries and Caribbean islands.

Like somebody once said ” they separated us through slavery but music is uniting us again”.

Burna Boy Girlfriend2020 was suppose to be the start of a bigger page for her boyfriend who was also nominated for The Grammy’s. But the keys to that new level was stolen from him when the legendary Angelique Kidjo won the category.

But  not without notable names like Naomi Campbell coming out to fault the Grammy’s method of picking winners in the World Music category.

According to her:

“”First, I want to say deepest congratulations to @angeliquekidjo for her award on Sunday, and thank you to you for spreading light and opening minds through your music…

“And to our AFRICAN GIANT, @burnaboygram… it is only due to lack of education that you have not been honored with the accolades you so truly deserve. You are always a winner in our hearts. ALWAYS.

“And to The @RecordingAcademy, there is something that brings joy, strength and happiness to myself, and to so many people that hear it, and it is called Afrobeats. Afrobeats is a musical genre played on mainstream and primetime radio not only across the continent of Africa, but across the world…

“Recently, the genre was categorized into your ‘World Music’ category at the 2020 Grammys. This misrepresentation diminishes an entire genre in which such a high standard of talent has emerged; a genre that has been a force of hope and positivity for many, and a vehicle for artistry on the continent of Africa.

“Please take the next 363 days to reassess and reflect on your perspective of ‘World Music.’ Did the world get to vote for this award, or was it only the people in the United States a part of The Recording Academy?

“What will this neglectful categorization of music mean to individual cultures? Cultures who contribute their blood, sweat and tears, and every level of their creativity and work ethic into making music for YOU and for all of us.

Burna Boy Girlfriend“Please get up to speed on the state of all popular music today, and include Afrobeats Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and all the subcategories that this genre so deserves – just as any other respected and recognized musical genre.

“This is bigger than you, so open your eyes, ears and minds and treat us right and with the respect we deserve. #ForTheCulture #NAOMIAFRICA #grammys.”

But we believing that the Burna Boy and Stefflon Don combination if allowed to grow can actually become what Burna Boy has hinted he would like it to be. Which is to have Stefflon Don bear him babies and wearing the name “wife”.

Maybe one day they would give birth to kids that would become known celebrities or Nigerian actors in Hollywood just like Chiwetel and the many others who are making us proud abroad.

As Burna Boy Girlfriend Stefflon Don has become part of the Nigerian Family!  But with someone like Burna Boy with level of fame, it would not be surprising to one day wake up to another Julian corrie Broadus.

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