Dbanj Wife Is From Which Country?

Many are curious thus the question “Dbanj wife is from which country”.Especially the many Nigerian ladies up there in his circle who had secretly wished he would gaze their way.

So a usual question, one to be found on many Naija News blogs.

But the Nigerian celebrity singer Dbanj had his eyes aimed at a different marital ambition.One that saw him move outside his usual hunting ground to pick a pretty lady raised by a mixed racial parentage.

It is true what they say?

That celebrities that want marital peace should never marry another Celebrity but should rather settle for someone that has little to do with the entertainment world.

They rarely last in marriage.

It is as if part of staying a celebrity is to always find ways of ruining every marriage contract they get into.Trying to avoid the headache that is often times the hallmark of two celebrities coming together in Holy matrimony.

Dbanj who is one of the biggest Nigerian male singers in the country surprised us all with a wife that is not only beautiful but different from the usual breed of Nigerian ladies.

He shunned the long list of Nigerian Female Celebrities that would have happily carried his ring on their fingers. And contracted a low profile marriage in 2016 to Lineo Didi Kilgrow.

Dbanj wife is from which country


According to an interview, Dbanj had the following to say about his marriage life.

“My marriage is my business and it is none of your business . Whether I am married or not, mind your business . If you ever see a wedding ring on my finger , fine , but if you don ’ t , fine . ”“The truth about it is that it is very important to know what you want as a brand . As a brand , I wanted to focus on the business side and keep my family and private life , private and concentrate on CREAM. ”

Many people were not even aware that Dbanj was already married.

“I decided to keep my marriage to Didi a secret because based on experience, relationships like this get mixed with media hypes and speculations and then it becomes complicated,” he said.

“You know the pressure to get married was this high and mum told me she wanted to see the girl I was dating and would want to marry. I told her that there was this babe and we didn’t want to marry yet but she insisted that she was the one for me that we should have a small ceremony and the rest is history. I’m glad I listened to her.”

Not until the news of his wife giving birth took over the various social media handles on the internet.

People were not done yet, getting answers to the question of her country of origin when the sad news of their first child’s death reached our disapproving ears.

The child had died by drowning in their indoor pool.

The gossips were rife. There were different exotic explanations but the one that stood out, were the claims of conspiracy theorists pointing fingers at blood ritual.

During this period people stopped concerning themselves with her origin and instead mourned with her. And then came another news of a child being born.

Now people are asking again “Dbanj wife is from which country?

Maybe it is because of her skin color or the fact that no one knew her until she got married to Dbanj. But whatever the reasons we are here to provide you with that answer.

Dbanj Wife Is From Which Country?

How do we even begin?

Lineo Didi Kilgrow should be considered an American and a Nigerian.Because her dad, obviously is from America.While her mother has a shared Nigerian and South African heritage.

She grew up in Jos and attended the University of Abuja.

She is the step-sister of Samantha Walsh who presently hosts the big Friday show with Falz on MTV base.

There you have it

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