They Keep Bringing Corona virus into Nigerian


We all know by now that the cases of Corona virus in Nigerian is only going to increase with each passing day.

We know that the country already has more cases of infected persons than what is being reported.

We know that we are no longer safe and we know that the Nigerian government aided in the spread of what could literally take away from us our loved elderly ones.

But what is really annoying is the fact that our failed government is allowing more foreigners bring the virus into a country that is already finding it hard to contain both the virus and the fear that has followed

Immediately I heard of the index case, I feared for my country because it was just so hard to believe that Nigeria can contain a disease such as this one.

Now an American has introduced the virus to another part of the country as of by deliberate design to make sure it reaches every corner of a nation that is as careless as a toddler.

According to reports.

“The third is an American national, who crossed the land border to become the first COVID-19 case not arriving by air. The two cases from the UK are Nigerians”.



Why is the Buhari government so wicked that they would allow a porous border situation in a time like this when as a nation it is to our benefit that foreigners stay away?

If the situation is not contained and the death toll increases then Buhari should be held responsible.

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