Atiku’s Son Has Tested Positive To Corona virus


Atiku’s son has tested positive for Corona virus and the news has made its way to many different social media timelines.

Now the panic is taking a new dimension and people are beginning to wake up to the fact that the corona virus in Nigeria might begin a new chapter of death.

The kind that would affect us all. Be you a rich mogul or just a petty trader with only poverty as your credential.

The possibility that it could get out of hand in Nigeria was the very reason why many of us were seriously clamoring for the border closure.

It is because we understand that Nigeria in recent times has become a place where Nightmares are made real.

A country were the corrupt politicians are ready to exploit every opportunity that presents itself, be it in the form of a deadly virus or not.

Already the news of the Federal Government spending above a trillion naira for a disease that has only just entered its propagating face is indeed, a cause for alarm.

Before this pandemic saga is over, this politicians would have become richer than they were before corona virus came visiting.

That Atiku’s son has tested positive to corona virus is a wake up call. One that must be taken seriously by the poor.


Before this nightmare is over, the poor and less privilege would be the highest affected.

Atiku’s son has been transported to a medical facility were he would be properly taken care of.

By doctors on stand by. Atiku is a billionaire that would not spare any expense to save his son’s life.

But that would not be the case of a random Nigerian somewhere in the slum who can not even feed.

These are hard times and the best that we can do for ourselves, is to be hygienic. To wash hands, body and soul and pray we all survive this death threat all the way from China.

The message is for both the poor and the rich. Old and young. Nigerians and non Nigerians.

Personally, I blame the government who did little to prevent the entry of the virus into the country.

They are to be held responsible for the mayhem that is about to be unleased on the Nigerian people.

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