About Colored Writers

Colored Writers is a website where true value is the chief theme.

We scout for value in the information we pass through. That is why we bother even posting them in the first place.

But the thing with value is that it is scattered all over the place like sands on the shores of a beach.

And that is exactly why Colored Writers cannot afford to play the segregation game of a Niche Site.

Which means we would be writing about every topic out there.

But we understand the importance of relaxation and entertainment and for that singular reason, we shall also be writing on celebrities (especially on Nigerian Celebrity news) and other trivial issues.

Colored Writers And Nigerian Celebrity News

We are a Nigerian Blog before anything else and the need for entertainment news must as a matter of necessity start from the various Nigerian Celebrity Stories out there.

But we are not just a Nigerian Entertainment blog spewing out anyhow content just to be constant. When we publish posts on this subject matter, we try not to be common in our delivery.

That is why we write on celebrities through the method of list post. 

The Colored Writer  And The Nigerian Story. 

As a website originating from Nigeria, we are all about our stories. But not just any Nigerian story, we are more about those historical or informational pieces that are at the center of our national infrastructure.

The idea of Nigerians knowing about thier modern and ancient history is an agenda that we love to push. For that reason posts on issues like the first storey building in the country is one many foundational story for the Nigerian vault on this site.

The Nigerian story is also about the general narrative associated with the country and her people. We intend to share the positive stories more than the negative, as already seen everywhere.

An Online Source For Education

We didn’t just wake up and decided to create a website.

We have had experiences with different blogs that didn’t actually go down well with the whole idea of creating value online.

So we decided to reinvent our online presence into an education machine. A blog that teaches and consequently improves the mental treasure box of our readers.

In fact, teaching is our mean instrument of transmitting value. Here at Colored Writers we are a people that love education and the constant knowledge that comes with it.

We are here to share value through educating our readers on a wide range of subjects.