De-stressing Tips for Call Center Agents

The Philippines is one of the best call center destination in the world. Call center Philippines remains as the top favorite place to outsource by the foreign investors.

Outsourcing in Philippines was started over a decade ago and continually growing and spreading in other cities in the country.

The call center job can be immensely stressful. It can be demanding to the agents because they have to meet the customer’s expectations and fulfill the business requirements. They have to work at night time and sleep during the day in call center Philippines. It can be stressful for an agent if they are not used to this kind of lifestyle. Sometimes, it may affect their work ethics, productivity, and even their health.


Tips on How to Manage Stress

  1. Relax and Exercise – Instrumental music and vocal can help boost energy levels. Take time also to watch funny videos or shows. It can help improve the blood pressure level, heart rate, and alleviate stress.
    To increase blood flow and oxygen level in the brain, do some exercise daily. Stretch your legs during the break and walk a few steps or climb stairs between and after the work shift.
  2. Take Time to Laugh – Laughter is strong medicine because it helps strengthen the immune system. It can stimulate the heart and lungs.
    It would be more helpful in reading and watching funny shows and movies to alleviate stress and boost your mood.
  3. Always Prepared – As a call center agent, you represent the company’s name and its values. Therefore, it is essential to check and internalize the company’s policies and objectives before handling the customers. Prepare yourself always before starting a job. Discuss it with the supervisor if there are things that you want to clarify. It is vital to have a clear understanding of the facts to help you more confident when communicating with clients.
  4. Increase Socialization – It is crucial after work that agents should engage in conversations with their co-workers or friends to have good mental and emotional health. It would help them de-stress and toss negative vibes away. Conversing with your peers can help reduce stress in the work environment.
  5. Set Aside Personal Feelings – As an agent, you cannot avoid irritated or annoyed customers. Set aside your personal feelings, remember you are representing the brand or the company’s reputation. Anything you would do against their will may drive them away to competitors. The weapon is to maintain politeness and calmness when dealing with the customers. It is essential to compose yourself despite receiving harsh and personal comments from a customer. Always remember, the customer’s frustrations are towards the company’s services and policies. If you have this perception, then no customers can hurt your feelings.

It is not easy for an agent to stay calm and remain positive when they have things in mind that should finish. Especially outbound call center agents or telemarketing agents, they have a target and quotas that must reach within a certain period. Keeping the balance is hard. The nonstop expectations and performance evaluation will magnify the stress of the agents.

Therefore, you must learn how to reduce their stress. Outsourcing in Philippines requires a lot of jobs and demands from you that it may trigger your balance. So it is significant to learn things on how to de-stress yourself and remove your burdens from working in the industry.

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