Manpower Advantage of the Philippines in Outsourcing

The Philippines had opened its gate to cater to the growing demand in outsourcing services of foreign investors to provide and deliver business process operations and information technology services. The surfacing of outsourcing in Philippines had helped the Filipino personnel to become competitive worldwide in terms of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

Manpower Leverage of the Philippines in Outsourcing:

  • Great English Speakers – The Philippines has more had an advantage compared to India. The English language is used as the medium of instructions in School and the other Establishments. Therefore, call center Philippines has full of agents that can speak English well with a good accent.
  • Huge Pool of Talented Individuals – The Philippines has produced a lot of talented and skilled graduates yearly. Workers are very competitive in their field. They are more ready, equipped in knowledge, skilled, and faster to provide quality of service. They have accessed to top-level education. They have honed to be an effective and skillful individual for the BPO sector.
  • Cultural Similarity – Since the Philippines was colonized by Spain and US, there is a similarity of its culture and it plays a big role to ensure the clients that outsourcing in Philippines is the right decision.
  • Quality Service Provider – According to research, Call center Philippines ranks at the top when it comes to service quality and efficiency. They can provide high-class quality of service to the customers. They are effective communicators and very attentive to details. Filipinos have known to be friendly, flexible, and speedy.
  • Hard-working Individual – Over the years, Filipinos have proven with an industrious attitude. They are hardworking people and can work under pressure. They are willing to work overtime and also night time to just feed their families. They are tenacious, flexible, and easy to learn. One of the great characteristics that every Filipino has possessed is being resourceful and efficient in their job.

Outsourcing to the Philippines is more economical and practical when it comes to business expenditure. The manpower wages are way lower compared to other countries. It will help the business to save more and lessen the expenses. But still, you can receive a high quality of service from the agents.
The Philippines is proud to have a wide resource pool of skilled professionals, computer literate, and Information Technology experts. They are proficient and have good command in the English language.

Why does the BPO Philippines is leading?

The Philippines has become a prominent supplier of labor to the offshore outsourcing market. The BPO industry in the country became successful and booming due to the demand of foreign companies for call centers, online marketers, programmers, graphic artists, web developers, etc.
There are several reasons why the Philippines has known as a top Business Process Outsourcing location in the region. A low salary is one of the major reasons. Compare that to the wages in other asian countries like Malaysia which are around twice that of the Philippines. A company that wants to hire a web developer or web designer from the Philipines Business Process Outsourcing company can save a lot of money. The Philippines also has a pool of workforce that is suitable for High-end companies’ demand.

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