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How To Find The Best Medical Emergency Dispatchers

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The skills and knowledge of emergency medical dispatchers range from taking calls to managing and planning ambulance responses. Like the industry of call center Philippines – they offer emergency dispatch services that prioritize 911 calls for basic and advanced life support ambulances and connect with first responder agencies. Emergency dispatch services provide essential information from callers, paramedic crews ….  Read More

De-stressing Tips for Call Center Agents

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The Philippines is one of the best call center destination in the world. Call center Philippines remains as the top favorite place to outsource by the foreign investors. Outsourcing in Philippines was started over a decade ago and continually growing and spreading in other cities in the country. The call center job can be immensely ….  Read More

The Rise of the Call Center Industry in the Philippines

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The rise of call centers and outsourcing companies in the Philippines is visible. Reportedly, that outsourcing operations income in the Philippines went up from $100 million in 2001 to $12.2 billion in 2009. The jobs in call center Philippines are highly systematic and logical. The agents will handle everything from the simplest to the most ….  Read More

Manpower Advantage of the Philippines in Outsourcing

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The Philippines had opened its gate to cater to the growing demand in outsourcing services of foreign investors to provide and deliver business process operations and information technology services. The surfacing of outsourcing in Philippines had helped the Filipino personnel to become competitive worldwide in terms of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Manpower Leverage of the ….  Read More

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Business Outsourcing Companies Amidst Economic Crisis

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A decade ago, the Philippines was named as the BPO hub of the world-beating other countries.  This is a positive credit to the idea that Filipino BPO workers are acceptable communicators in various areas in the BPO industry. From clinical translators to selling out their products or services, Filipino BPO specialists are the model of ….  Read More