The Rise of the Call Center Industry in the Philippines

The rise of call centers and outsourcing companies in the Philippines is visible. Reportedly, that outsourcing operations income in the Philippines went up from $100 million in 2001 to $12.2 billion in 2009.
The jobs in call center Philippines are highly systematic and logical. The agents will handle everything from the simplest to the most difficult tasks of customers’ inquiry. The agents must be good in problem-solving, with initiative and confidence.
That is the reason why lots of investors are outsourcing in Philippines because Filipinos excel in the BPO industry. They do not just deliver outstanding and excellent services but would be more practical and budget-friendly for foreign investors when outsourcing in Philippines.

How the Philippine Call Centers Become the Top Choice

The reason for the fast growth of call center Philippines and BPO companies is because of the low operational costs and salaries. As business owners and organizations, it would be helpful to hire a third-party entity that is affordable but loaded with talented professionals.

Filipinos are fluent in the English language and proficient in different accents. The manpower of the Philippines guarantees high-caliber and exceptional talents that can be an asset to the company.

Why Choose the Philippines Over India?

  1. Good Accent and Fluent in English – Filipinos are fluent in English and possess a neutral accent compared to other rival countries like India. The Philippines became the favorite country of most foreign companies because of its clear and understandable accent.
  2. Friendly Help Services – Aside from technical skills, Filipino agents are known for being warm and hospitable. It is an ideal attitude that every customer would want to, especially when handling customer service. They are more patient and helpful to assist customers in any way. Filipino agents achieve high customer satisfaction remarks and remain on top as the favorite BPO destination of many foreign investors. In terms of service quality, Filipinos still excel because of their skills and potentials. The majority are well-educated and hold a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Favorite Country – The Philippines is known to be the top choice of every business owner for many years. It is because of the cheaper costs yet provides high-class quality of service. The Philippines is continually the source of talented and skilled individuals throughout the years.
  4. Hardworking – The Philippines has been on the list of top BPO destination in the world. Filipinos are known to be a hardworking individual. They can work overtime and at any time of the day. Many of them are bread-winners to their family. They work so hard to sustain the family’s needs. Filipino agents are inclined to stay long in the job and do not take advantage of every opportunity.
  5. Excellent People – The Philippines has a pool of excellent and competent individuals. Every year, The Philippines produced talented graduates coming from different courses. Some of them have a call center background already and have undergone relevant training as well. Filipinos excel and deliver quality results at work or wherever they are.

The Influence of Call Centers in the Philippines

Call centers became widely known that offer broad and different services including inbound call center, outbound/telemarketing, lead generation, loan processing, medical transcription, accounting/bookkeeping, human resources, technical support, etc. Some Foreign companies considered the Philippines as their top destination to outsource their services.

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